Working Together

Portland Story Theater workshops are fun!

Learn to trust the story and speak extemporaneously from the heart.
Photo by Scott Bump

“I found my story and I found my voice through Portland Story Theater.” Lynn Fitch

“This whole process was a true gift for me that culminated in an on-stage experience that surpassed all my expectations.” Jim Fairchild

“The workshop process was amazing and a safe environment to be myself and work through the vulnerable parts of my story.” Lena Moon

“I cannot thank Lynne and Lawrence enough for their expertise and heartfelt caring that allowed me to find my voice and speak with my heart.” Jan Kats


Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy of Portland Story Theater offer three different public storytelling workshops so that you can learn to express yourself with this amazing art form. Each of our workshops are in-person and limited to six participants. The Art of Personal Narrative culminates in a performance before a live audience. For more details about each of these offerings, please click on the links below:

3-hour Crash Course
1-day Storytelling Bootcamp
6-week The Art of Personal Narrative


Lynne Duddy of Portland Story Theater offers individualized 1-on-1 sessions. Easy. Effective. Enlightening. Commit to six 30-minute weekly sessions so we can work together to:

  • Develop your personal narrative

  • Identify the emotional pulse of your story

  • Discover the message you need to hear

Please contact our office at 503-284-2226 to setup a time and to discuss the fee schedule.