Story Archive

Personal stories are the lifeblood of Portland Story Theater. Below are samplings of both videos and podcasts, plus a list of storytellers who are affiliated with Portland Story Theater.


The people who tell their personal narrative with Portland Story Theater come from all walks of life, ethnicities, genders, religions, and ages. Some are professional performers. Some our amateurs and this is their first time telling before a live audience.
Kristina Edmundson
Steve Eggerts
Amber Elstad
Frank Engel
Joyce Erland
Angela Hahn
Leigh Hancock
Marcia Haque
Sabina Haque
Ann Harris
Lilly Harris
Ryan Harter
Shela Hartley
Aaron Hartling
Julie Hatfield
Kara Hayes
Matt Haynes
Wayne Haythorn
Melissa Henige
Kristy Hellum
Edward Hershey
Jordan Herskowitz
Mykel Hibbard
Bill Hillmann
Cynthia Hofmann
Greg Hopkins
Jamie Houghton
Will Horynak
Lawrence Howard
Rick Huddle
Cory Huff
Jeri Jenkins
Jessica Joy
Barbara A. Jeppesen
Ashley Kaiser
Kitty Kaping
Kriya Kaping
Jan Kats
Donna Kelly
Don Kern
Michael Kerr
Lori King
Mary Kleffner
Shay (Sharon) Knorr
Amy Clemons Kormendy
Daniel LaForce
Annie La Ganga
Lisa LaMana
Karen Landey
Steve Laskey
Susan Lazareck
Kathleen Leatham
Margie Lee
Temple Lentz
Nancy Linnon
Bruce Livingston
Elica Livingston
Steve Long
Fernando (Refugio) Lopez Garcia
Jeremy Lucas
Gina Lutes
Tamara Lynne
Leo MacLeod
Bo Mandoe
Angie Martorana
Mari Matthias
Chuck McConnell
Mary McGill
Jackie McManus
Rich McPherson
Warren McPherson
Marci McReynolds
Marina Menegol
Jessica Mehta
Rachel Miller-Howard
John Mink
Talen Nikolai Moe
Ems (Emilee) Monson
Lena Moon
Wendy Morseth
Susan Mortimer
Melanie (Mel) Moseley
Judith Mowry
Lacey Mulford
Brían Ó hAirt
Kristin Olson
Tamara Owen
Amber Panduro
Cooper Palano
William Park
Domeka Parker
Steve Parker
Tom Pavlik
Amy Pearson
Nicole Peltz
Kateshia Pendergrass
Anne Penfound
Michael Phillips
Betsy Porter
Robert Post
Diane Ponti
Vicky Poole
Sarah Grace Powers (Sarah O’Leary)
August (Craig) Preston
Amanda Rain
Susana Raine
Corrine Ranard
Kate Raphael
Tina Remacle
Nada Renate-Katz
Raahi Reddy
Michelle Reynolds
Anet Margot Ris (Ris-Kelman)
Kate Ristau
Beth Rogers
Sean P. Rooney
Mary Rose
Annie Rosen
Gigi Rosenberg
Julie Rosenberg
Marikay Ross
Eva Rotter-Johnson
Samuel Paul Routh
Antonio Sacre
Julie Salmon
Olga Sanchez
Brian Santo
Teresa Kentgen Schader
Walt Schaefer
Jerry Schifman
Phillip Schlachter
Sarah Schoenfeld
Kristin Schroeder
Kristin Schultz
Jack Schwab
Jamie Shanahan
Les G. Shannon
Taru Sinclair
Lynn Siprelle
Paula Small
Herb Spice
Jennifer Soulagnet
Lynn St. Georges
Helen St. James
Roy Staples
Tim Stapleton
Gina Starling
Amanda Starr
Eric Stern
Meg Storey
Ryan Stroud
Julie Strozyk
Cole Struhar
Jake Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Veronica Swehla
Jodi Sweetman
Heather Talbot
Sean Talbot
Tina Tau
Caryl Taylor
Clarke Taylor
Linda L. Tiffany
Amanda Trudell
Denna Vandersloot
Carl VanderZanden
Yashar Vasef
Monique Vieu
Helen Villalobos
Jim Waigand
Joshua Waldman
Paige Wallace
Penny Walter
Chere Weiss
Beth Weissman
Kurt F. Weist
Mary Welch
Willie Welch
Jonah Weston
Eric Wheeler
Susan Wienake
Jessica Williams
Samuel Willoughby (Samiel Willowbee)
Ellen Wolfson
Heidi Yorkshire
Russell Young


We have a large collection of of videos on YouTube thanks to Liz Vaughan of Dead Tech and our former videographer, Aaron Hartling. Please visit this site to access our entire online collection.

Cable Access

Urban Tellers® is on TV! Liz Vaughan joined our team as videographer in 2017 and wanted to make a TV series that would give people even more access to the real, true stories of the people of Portland. It launches on October 1st via Open Signal, Portland’s Community Media Center.

There will be six episodes in the fall season, beginning on Sunday, October 1st, with a new episode airing every other Sunday after that. Each episode will feature two complete stories from our 2016-17 season at the Fremont Theater.

The episodes will be aired on channels 11, 22 and 23. Check your TV Guide for info on which channel to go to, depending on whether you have Comcast or Centurylink. Channel 11 is CAN, Channels 22 and 23 are ITN.

Check your local TV Guide for airings in your area!


Visit our Urban Tellers Podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and on your favorite app. Each episode includes a listen to a short story followed by a conversation with the storyteller and Portland Story Theater founders, Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard. These episodes are produced in part by Sweetlime Productions and funded in part by a generous grant from The Kinsman Foundation.

We also have a collection of every story told available as individual podcasts on SoundCloud that feeds into iTunes thanks to Warren McPherson. Please visit this site to access our entire online collection.