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Founders Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy

Lawrence Howard & Lynne Duddy, December 2021

Stream a conversation with Ken Jones and a couple of short stories from Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard on KBOO.FM‘s radio show, Jonesy. You can stream this terrific session any time: Holiday Stories from Portland Story Theater’s Lynne Duddy and Lawrence Howard

Ken starts the program talking with Lynne and Lawrence about what they’ve been up to during the pandemic and Portland Story Theater’s future plans. Then the stories!

Lynne shares the story “Do You Have A Dog?” Visiting her mother’s grave on a dark and stormy night a few days before Christmas, Lynne has what seems almost a supernatural experience with someone who may have been an angel with a dog. This story was originally part of her one-woman show, Dark Matter, in 2009.

Lawrence tells “The Secret Christmas Tree.” Eight crazy nights of candles and latkes and dreidel is all well and good, but what about Santa? And Frosty, and Rudolph, and presents under the tree? Did it have to be one or the other? The Secret Christmas Tree is about how one Jewish family celebrated the holidays in the suburbs of New York. Lawrence first told this story as part of his one-man show, The Adventures of Huckleberry Horowitz, in 2010.


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