Portland Story Theater Awarded Grant!

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We are so happy to announce that Portland Story Theater has been awarded a Grassroots Grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust!

After a year of substantial growth, this grant will help us continue to expand while providing the entertaining and heartfelt stories that our audiences love.

One of the most prominent private foundations in Oregon, Meyer Memorial Trust (MMT) has provided over 8,700 grants since it was established in 1982. Meyer Memorial Trust’s Grassroots Grant program, founded in 2007, provides funding for small organizations and nonprofits (like us!) across Oregon. The grants span all disciplines, including environmental conservation, education, and public health, and many others.

Lynne Duddy, Portland Story Theater co-founder, shared, “We are excited to use this grant to continue our mission of building community connections through the power of personal stories.”

Grant Award

As one of thirty arts and culture organizations receiving the honor of this grant, we will use the awarded $15,600 to expand our program development and build sustainability by providing strategic staff support.

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