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Spotlight On: Enrique E. Andrade

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The power of Portland Story Theater comes from its people and the community they have built. This week, we invite you to get to know one of our tellers–Enrique E. Andrade.

Enrique is a Portland Story Theater veteran and no stranger to stage work. With roots in Mexico City, Enrique is now an experienced actor whose talents reach out to diverse audiences throughout Portland.

Since 2008, Enrique has regularly performed with the Miracle Theatre Group, whose stage work celebrates the latino experience through vibrant performances in both English and Spanish. However, he has also tackled classical Shakespearian roles with the Portland Actors Ensemble and has appeared on television in TNT’s Leverage and NBC’s Grimm.  Enrique is also a successful voice actor; in fact, you have probably heard him as the Spanish speaking voice on the MAX!

Check out one of his previous performances with us during our Valentine’s show Kiss & Tell.

Watch Enrique return to storytelling at our next Urban Tellers show this Saturday! Doors open at 7pm at the Alberta Abbey in NE Portland.

Tickets available now.

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