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Creating Safe Space

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On Saturday, April 9th, we are partnering with PlayWrite, Inc. to create an Urban Tellers® show that gives voice to real, true stories from a new perspective, drawn from PlayWrite’s new Youth Leadership Team. Some of the tellers are guides in the PlayWrite program, while others are young people, ranging from 15-25 years old, who have graduated from the PlayWrite …

Why I Take Pictures for Portland Story Theater

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She pauses; arms stretched upwards imitating the height of her lover. The audience is silent with bated breath, entranced. For a moment it seems her presence leaves the stage, for a moment she is standing before the man she has been speaking about. The man she has described so lovingly in her story. A moment in time. My finger presses …

Portland Storyteller

Spotlight On: Enrique E. Andrade

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The power of Portland Story Theater comes from its people and the community they have built. This week, we invite you to get to know one of our tellers–Enrique E. Andrade. Enrique is a Portland Story Theater veteran and no stranger to stage work. With roots in Mexico City, Enrique is now an experienced actor whose talents reach out to …

Why I Went Oral

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Any idiot can tell a story. I know. I have been to many a party or function and had an idiot tell me a story. And, sure, being an idiot isn’t always their fault; I think most everyone is an idiot. But, just because I think you’re an idiot doesn’t mean you have to tell a crappy story. On the …

Tell Me A Story

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Photo Credit: O’Dubhda | Diane Ponti[/caption] A  couple hundred people sit in the dark and wait for you to start. All that’s missing is the campfire and a star-studded night sky. You have ten minutes. Go! Tell me a story. The pressure of those ten minutes, those people, provide focus. “Give me your wallet,” the masked man demands as he points …