Videos are up: Kiss and Tell, Luck of the Irish

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We had two awesome shows recently: celebrating love and romance with Kiss and Tell, our Valentine’s Day show, and our ode to Ireland and St. Paddy’s Day with Luck of the Irish.

Both were evenings filled with sparkle, humor, and delight, with everything from traditional Irish dance to romantic serenades. And of course, there were lots of stories: tales of love, sex, romance, struggle, family, and resilience.

Our amazing videographer, Aaron Hartling, captured these two magical evenings, and all the videos are now up on our YouTube channel!

Here’s a look back at a few highlights.

Luck of the Irish

Host Brian Ó hAirt kicks things off with a traditional hornpipe Irish dance, accompanied by Brenda Scearcy and Jim Loewenherz of Innisfree.

Lawrence Howard shares the Irish legend, “Finn MacCumhail and the Salmon of Knowledge”:

Beth Rogers shares “This Bud’s For You,” a moving story about how people we love never really leave us.

Check out all the Luck of the Irish videos here!

Kiss and Tell

Host Eric Stern (Hungry Opera Machine, Vagabond Opera) shares the story of his “first time” — yes, that first time!

Raahi Reddy tells us what it’s like to date Darth Vader.

Amanda Starr tackles the eternal question: should we have kids?

You’ll find all the Kiss and Tell videos here.

Both evenings were about sharing real emotions, the stuff that makes us human. We were so honored that our tellers shared these intimate stories, this wonderful music, these beautiful songs. Thank you to Aaron, all our tellers, the audience, and everyone who contributed to these fantastic shows!

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