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Portland Story Theater workshops are fun!

Learn to trust the story and speak extemporaneously from the heart.
Photo by Scott Bump

We teach intentional storytelling where you’ll learn how to tell stories improvisationally by being resourceful and using the power of spontaneity. This is intimate work. Our approach teaches you to trust the story and speak extemporaneously from the heart. We offer four different workshops to fit your needs, situation, and your schedule.

Adults 21+ Only | No Refunds or Exchanges

Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy of Portland Story Theater facilitate in-person workshops for anyone 21+ in four different formats: 1.5 hour (Private Groups), 3-hour, 1-day, 6-week (Public).

Community Building Workshop

Portland Story Theater offers a 1.5 hour community building workshop called Storytelling Tool Kit for conferences, businesses, and private groups. Participants walk away with the tools to create cohesive stories using the power of spontaneity. People learn how to tell stories improvisationally by tapping into their own real-life experiences. This workshop gives participants a strong understanding of the elements and structure of story. Visit our Community Building page to find out more.

Lawrence Howard, Founder Portland Story Theater

Lawrence Howard
photo by Owen Carey

Lynne Duddy
photo by Ó Dubhda

Lawrence Howard knows how to take listeners on a journey through the rich landscape of story. He draws from a rich repertoire of adventure, personal, and mythic tales to create narrative programs for people from all walks of life. He is best known as the creator of the Armchair Adventurer series, but is also one of the original founders of Portland Story Theater, and regularly delivers workshops on storytelling for adult audiences. For more about Lawrence Howard, please visit his website

Lynne Duddy is a narrative artist and educator who has a deep commitment to elevating storytelling into the communication ecosystem. She is a founder of Portland Story Theater and was awarded the Trail Blazer Lifetime Achievement Award by the storytelling community. For more information about Lynne Duddy, please visit her website.

General Public Workshops

Workshops for the general public are suspended until further notice. Please get on our email list to receive updates about up-coming workshops. Thank you.

Crash Course in Storytelling

3-hour Commitment
10:30am to 1:30pm
Registration guarantees your place

If you just want to see if storytelling is your thing, take this lively workshop, Storytelling Crash Course. Fast-paced and fun, you’ll have a chance to discover your inner storyteller! No pressure. No performance.

Weekend Classes
Offered Quarterly

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Storytelling Bootcamp

One-Day Commitment
10:30 am – 6:00 pm with lunch break
Registration guarantees your place

Maybe our one-day Storytelling Bootcamp fits your level of interest in personal narrative, and more importantly, your busy schedule. No pressure to perform. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. Includes individual time with the instructors

One-Day Classes
Offered Quarterly

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Art of Personal Narrative

Six-Week Commitment
Evenings 7 pm – 10:30 pm
Registration guarantees your place

Please click here to make sure that you meet the prerequisites BEFORE calling 503-284-2226 for registration details and information.

If you’re ready for a creative challenge and have been thinking that you’d really like to explore storytelling in depth, the 7-session Art of Personal Narrative is the perfect opportunity to discover, craft, and tell your story to a live audience.

Please let us know if you require an alter-abled | disability accommodation.

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