Warren McPherson Solo Show

A charismatic performer, Warren McPherson’s stories have an insightful charm. Relatable. Funny. Poignant. McPherson is an audience favorite at Portland Story Theater. He manages Portland Story Theater’s podcasts through his production company, Sweet Lime Productions.
NOTE: This show is appropriate for 18+

Storyteller Warren McPherson

The Old Church in Portland, Oregon
Doors 7 pm | Show 8 pm
February 2
Warren McPherson Solo Show

Warren McPherson, Storyteller

You Were Supposed To Be This Great Thing

Our lives are fueled by expectation. Sometimes we make them ourselves. Sometimes they are imposed on us by others.

In his very first feature-length solo show Warren McPherson tells stories about his unrealistic hopes for the world and the weight of the expectations his family and the world placed upon him in his early life.

Imagine coming home at the age of six and having to disappoint your mother by telling her that you can’t be the next Pope, after all, because you’re in love with a girl and you’re going to get married instead.

Imagine achieving success and acclaim at a sport you secretly hate.

Imagine graduating from a prestigious university and then living in your mother’s garage for seven years, like a hermit wandering in the desert.

Imagine finding your own path to a success that is not what others expected of you.

You Were Supposed To Be This Great Thing explores what it really means to be great.

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