One-Day Storytelling Bootcamp

Portland Story Theater workshops always provide individual attention.

Individual attention. Focused. Fun!
Photo by Scott Bump

Maybe our one-day Storytelling Bootcamp fits your level of interest in personal narrative, and more importantly, your busy schedule. No pressure to perform. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary. Includes individual time with the instructors. Portland Story Theater’s Storytelling Bootcamp is a one-day (7.5 hour) intensive, where you will create new story material, learn about narrative structure and intentional storytelling techniques, and have a chance to share your stories while getting individual feedback.

Due to Covid, these workshops are postponed until further notice.

One-Day Commitment
10:30 am – 6:00 pm with lunch break
Registration guarantees your place

$150 Registration

One-Day Classes
Offered Quarterly

    This is not designed for workplace training. If you are wanting this kind of training for your employees, visit Team Building for additional information and then contact us. We offer customized sessions in the work space or during conferences and special events.

Please call 503-284-2226 before registering if you require a disability accommodation. We will do our best to meet your needs. There is no wheelchair access.

PREREQUISITES Everyone over 18 is welcome to participate. Really the only prerequisite is that you are drawn to personal stories told out loud.

PAYMENT POLICY Full payment of $150 is expected when registering. Please note that Portland Story Theater does not give refunds (full or partial) for voluntary withdrawal from the class.

What to Expect

Launch Please arrive a few minutes early so you have time to settle in. It’s a very full day. We want to start on time. We will provide coffee and tea but please feel free to bring your own drinks and food.

Content The morning is dedicated to exercises that will help you uncover and identify good story source-material from your own life experiences.

Form In this portion of the class, you will gain an understanding of narrative structure and storytelling fundamentals.

Lunch Lunch is provided. If you have special dietary needs (gluten-free, vegan), feel free to bring your own food. We will have vegetarian options.

Out Loud After lunch, we’ll take time to share a personal story of your choice.

Feedback There will be time for you to receive individual feedback from the instructor and other classmates.

Workshop Schedule

10:30 am to 6:00 pm