Team Building


Bring the national storytelling craze to your workplace or event with our team-building workshop!  Portland Story Theater is opening our workshops to businesses and corporations seeking rewarding team-building opportunities for your employees.  A local pioneer in storytelling, we have provided workshops for NIKE, TEDx Mt. Hood, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and more!

We passionately believe everyone has a story to tell, so give your employees the gift of learning how to craft real, true stories that unearth individual personality and build empathy within the workplace.

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Conferences and Events

Need entertainment for your next conference or event?  Host a professional storytelling show!  We are happy to work with you to make your event a memorable one.  We also offer workshops for your conference.  Fill out the form below to learn more.

Intentional Storytelling

We teach intentional storytelling where people will learn how to tell stories improvisationally by being resourceful and using the power of spontaneity. Our approach teaches participants to trust the story and speak extemporaneously from the heart.

You’ll get a chance to learn about story structure, the power of presence, the differences between writing and telling, and how to find the story that you need to tell.

Led by professional storytellers, our workshops aim to help build a culture of empathy, leadership and improved communication skills.  Above all, this is a fun opportunity to tap into an art form that has been part of the human experience since the beginning.


We will arrive at your facility to deliver this session. Typically, three facilitators will lead the workshop.

This is a dynamic, interactive experience for everyone.  We will outline the primary components of effective storytelling, and some tools for discovering and delivering story in a compelling way. The skills we teach are experiential and not something that can be quantified in statistics. We find that people who open themselves to discover what matters to them and are willing to express that through their own personal story are transformed by the experience.

Our Philisophy

We believe that everyone has a story to tell but the key to being a great storyteller is to learn how to listen.  Not only to others but to yourself.  We are working to use the art of storytelling to make arts and culture a recognized, valued and expected facet of everyday life in both private and public spheres.

Tell Us What You’re Looking For

Lynne Duddy leads a session at NIKE WORLD HEADQUARTERS.


“We have taken what was learned in the workshops to hone the Nike Storytellers’ skills in adding a personal narrative element to their stories.  Portland Story Theater is a catalyst for personal transformation both for personal and professional growth.   They are making the art form of storytelling accessible to the everyday person.  It is a tremendous contribution to our Portland community.” 
NIKE participant

“This is just the shot in the arm I needed to bring my storytelling to the next level.”
SVP participant

“There was a real power to spending time sharing stories and listening to stories in a structured and purposeful manner.”
TEDxMtHood participant

“Lynne and Lawrence were masterful in how they brought out the best in not only my story but in me.”
BTA participant